About Us

We are DMIR (Data Mining and Information Retrieval) Research Group at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. We focus on mining and extracting potential and non-trivial information from the sheer volume of digital data generated through various platforms, in order to provide an interpretative support towards different users. In particular, our research focuses on data mining, information retrieval, information extraction, and big data related topics which includes intelligence acronyms extraction, web classification, social media mining, processing and analyzing a large set of digital data. Apart from large-scale data analytics, the group is also active in Hadoop parallel processing ecosystem.

IndoAcro is a repository of Indonesian Acronyms and Expansions. The acronyms and their expansions are extracted and collected automatically using a machine learning algorithm combined with big data technology in preprocessing side.


Dr. Taufik Fuadi Abidin, M.Tech
Principal Investigator
Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Text & Web Mining

I am a member of IEEE. I completed my Ph.D in Computer Science from NDSU, USA, in 2006 and completed Master degree in Computer Science from RMIT University, Australia, in 2000. Research interests include big data analysis, data mining, information retrieval, and information extraction.

Muammar Zikri Aksana
Mobile Application Developer, Web Developer
Android, Web Developer, Web Service, Data Mining

I am a student of Informatics Department of Syiah Kuala University. I am a young man who likes programming and also likes challenges.

IndoAcro version 1.0

Amir Mahazir
Research Team Member
Web Mining, Perl, C/C++

I am an alumnus of the Department of Informatics, Syiah Kuala University. I am an experienced free-lance programmer with 3+ years focussed skills and development in text and web mining problems using Perl and C/C++.

Muhammad Chandra Gunawan
Web Developer
PHP, Go, NGINX, Linux System Administrator, Multimedia Specialist, SCRUM Master

Software engineer experienced in high-traffic web application development. Several years of industry experience building largest portals in the region. I use top of the line development practices which ensures the applications stay functional and maintainable for years to come.

Syamsul Kamal
Mobile Application Developer
Hadoop, iOS, Android, Web Service

I am an experienced Senior iOS & Android Developer with 4+ years of development. I've been part of many successful start-ups and created many published apps from scratch. I'm a full stack developer. I write both the front-end Android app and Backend server application.